Fishing sea trout

The shoreline along Österlen is one of the best spots in the world to fish sea trout. The fish typically weighs 2-5kg. The pier in Löderup Strandbad is well-known for its great location – perfect for fishing. Similarly, the pier in Kåseberga is perfect for fishing – and located only 2 km away. Other good location include Gislövs hammar and Skillinge hamn.

Löderups Äng and fishing

If you stay at Löderups Äng, you can wake up early to go fishing. The Löderup Strandbad pier is located 1300 m from the property. After a day of fishing, you can go back to Löderups Äng, gather by the fireplace, play soccer, watch a movie or play board games. 

 Se våra foton för mer info Läs mer på ÖSKG:s hemsida. Du kan också Läs mer om fiske på Österlen här.

Staying at Löderups Äng

If you want to rent the property for fishing purposes, we have a great deal; you can rent the entire property for 25 people for SEK 4000 / night during the fishing peak season (until March 31). Alternatively, you could rent the main house only for SEK 2500 / night. If you are no more than 6 people, you can rent the east wing for SEK 1500 / night. Until March 31, it is okay to rent the houses for only one night. Cost for final cleaning will be added regardless of how long you stay. CALL 0411-261558 to book or book online: bokningskalender.